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Super Bowl 54 is set, with the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, winner of the AFC Championship. Super Betting odds have already opened, as the Chiefs opened as favorites to win. The Super Bowl is the single event that has the most bets of the year, and betting markets will be aplenty. With legal sports betting in the U.S. being more prevalent (ex: Indiana Super Bowl Props), expect more money to be bet on the Super Bowl than ever before. Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl betting history.


Coin Toss Betting History

Did you know you can bet on the coin toss? For years, bettors have been betting on the only market that is decided before the game, the coin toss. Will it be heads? Will it be tails? So far, “Heads” has come up 25 times, while tails has come up 28 times. Last year, the coin toss landed on “tails”. What will it be this year? Let’s take a look at the history of the coin toss.

Super Bowl Date Heads/Tails Toss Winner Toss Loser
LIll 03/02/2019 Tails LA Rams New England
LIl 04/02/2018 Heads New England Philadelphia
LI 05/02/2017 Tails Atlanta New England
50 07/02/2016 Tails Carolina Denver
XLIX 01/02/2015 Tails Seattle New England
XLVIII 02/02/2014 Tails Seattle Denver
XLVII 03/02/2013 Heads Baltimore San Francisco
XLVI 05/02/2012 Heads New England N.Y. Giants
XLV 06/02/2011 Heads Green Bay Pittsburgh
XLIV 07/02/2010 Heads New Orleans Indianapolis
XLIII 01/02/2009 Heads Arizona Pittsburgh
XLII 03/02/2008 Tails N.Y. Giants New England
XLI 04/02/2007 Heads Chicago Indianapolis
XL 05/02/2006 Tails Seattle Pittsburgh
XXXIX 06/02/2005 Tails Philadelphia New England
XXXVIII 01/02/2004 Tails Carolina New England
XXXVII 26/01/2003 Tails Tampa Bay Oakland
XXXVI 03/02/2002 Heads St. Louis New England
XXXV 28/01/2001 Tails N.Y. Giants Baltimore
XXXIV 30/01/2000 Tails St. Louis Tennessee
XXXIII 31/01/1999 Tails Atlanta Denver
XXXII 25/01/1998 Tails Green Bay Denver
XXXI 26/01/1997 Heads New England Green Bay
XXX 28/01/1996 Tails Dallas Pittsburgh
XXIX 29/01/1995 Heads San Francisco San Diego
XXVIII 30/01/1994 Tails Dallas Buffalo
XXVII 31/01/1993 Heads Buffalo N.Y. Giants
XXVI 26/01/1992 Heads Washington Buffalo
XXV 27/01/1991 Heads Buffalo N.Y. Giants
XXIV 28/01/1990 Heads Denver San Francisco
XXIII 22/01/1989 Tails San Francisco Cincinnati
XXII 31/01/1988 Heads Washington Denver
XXI 25/01/1987 Tails Denver N.Y. Giants
XX 26/01/1986 Tails Chicago New England
XIX 20/01/1985 Tails San Francisco Miami
XVIII 22/01/1984 Heads L.A. Raiders Washington
XVII 30/01/1983 Tails Miami Washington
XVI 24/01/1982 Tails San Francisco Cincinnati
XV 25/01/1981 Tails Philadelphia Oakland
XIV 20/01/1980 Heads L.A. Rams Pittsburgh
XIII 21/01/1979 Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
XII 15/01/1978 Heads Dallas Denver
XI Tails Oakland Minnesota
X 18/01/1976 Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
IX 12/01/1975 Tails Pittsburgh Minnesota
VIII 13/01/1974 Heads Miami Minnesota
VII 14/01/1973 Heads Miami Washington
VI 16/01/1972 Heads Miami Dallas
V 17/01/1971 Tails Dallas Baltimore
IV 11/01/1970 Tails Minnesota Kansas City
III 12/01/1969 Heads N.Y. Jets Baltimore
II 14/01/1968 Tails Oakland Green Bay
I 15/01/1967 Heads Green Bay Kansas City
Super Bowl Date Heads/Tails Toss Winner Toss Loser


Super Bowl Favorites vs. Underdogs History

The most prevalent style of betting on the Super Bowl is betting the spread. Are you betting on the “favorite” or the “underdog”? Betting on the favorite means betting on the team that is favored to win, which is seen as “Team X -7”. Betting on the underdog means betting on the team that is not favored to win, which is seen as “Team Y +7”. In Super Bowl history, the favorite has covered the spread 27 times, and the underdog has covered 24 times, with two total pushes. Here’s a look.

Super Bowl Spread History
Total Favorite Covers 27
Total Underdog Covers 24
Total Pushes 2
Favorite Percentage 50.9%
Underdog Percentage 45.3%
Underdog Percentage 3.8%



Super Bowl Over vs. Under History

Betting the “total” in the Super Bowl means one thing. Are you betting over or under a certain amount of points? Here’s a look at some numbers over the entire history of the Super Bowl, which has had 27 overs and 25 under’s. Let’s take a look.

Super Bowl Total History Number
Total Overs 27
Total Unders 25
Total “Not Listed” 1
Over Percentage 50.9%
Under Percentage 47.2%



Top 10 Super Bowl Upsets Against the Spread

25 underdogs have covered so far in Super Bowl history, but just how many of them were huge upsets? Everyone remembers Joe Namath, but was he the biggest upset in Super Bowl history? Let’s dive in.



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