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The Super Bowl 55 matchup is set, as the Kansas City Chiefs look to make it two straight as they travel to Tampa Bay to face off against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While it is not seen as an official “home” game for Tampa Bay, they are playing in their home stadium. With the legal sports betting industry growing, betting on Super Bowl 55 will be as popular as ever. This will likely have the highest handle in the history of betting for a single event. While the Super Bowl betting market is new every year, betting history can show trends and such that can help you gather all information needed to wager on this year’s big game. Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl betting history to date.



Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting History

Did you know you can bet on the coin toss? For years, bettors have been betting on the only market that is decided before the game, the coin toss. Will it be heads? Will it be tails? So far, “Heads” has come up 26 times, while tails has come up 28 times. Last year, the coin toss landed on “tails”. What will it be this year?

Here is a look at a few quick coin toss stats.

  • Total Flips – 54
  • Total Heads – 26
  • Total Tails – 28

Let’s take a look at the history of the coin toss in the Super Bowl, year-by-year.

Super Bowl Matchup Heads or Tails Coin Toss Winner
54 Kansas City vs San Francisco Tails San Francisco
53 New England vs LA Rams Heads LA Rams
52 New England vs Philadelphia Heads New England
51 Atlanta vs New England Tails Atlanta
50 Carolina vs Denver Tails Carolina
49 Seattle vs New England Tails Seattle
48 Seattle vs Denver Tails Seattle
47 Baltimore vs San Francisco Heads Baltimore
46 New England vs NY Giants Heads New England
45 Green Bay vs Pittsburgh Heads Green Bay
44 New Orleans vs Indianapolis Heads New Orleans
43 Arizona vs Pittsburgh Heads Arizona
42 NY Giants vs New England Tails NY Giants
41 Chicago vs Indianapolis Heads Chicago
40 Seattle vs Pittsburgh Tails Seattle
39 Philadelphia vs New England Tails Philadelphia
38 Carolina vs New England Tails Carolina
37 Tampa Bay vs Oakland Tails Tampa Bay
36 St Louis vs New England Heads St Louis
35 NY Giants vs Baltimore Tails NY Giants
34 St Louis vs Tennessee Tails St Louis
33 Atlanta vs Denver Tails Atlanta
32 Green Bay vs Denver Tails Green Bay
31 New England vs Green Bay Heads New England
30 Dallas vs Pittsburgh Tails Dallas
29 San Francisco vs San Diego Heads San Francisco
28 Dallas vs Buffalo Tails Dallas
27 Buffalo vs Dallas Heads Buffalo
26 Washington vs Buffalo Heads Washington
25 Buffalo vs NY Giants Heads Buffalo
24 Denver vs San Francisco Heads Denver
23 San Francisco vs Cincinnati Tails San Francisco
22 Washington vs Denver Heads Washington
21 Denver vs NY Giants Tails Denver
20 Chicago vs New England Tails Chicago
19 San Francisco vs Miami Tails San Francisco
18 LA Raiders vs Washington Heads LA Raiders
17 Miami vs Washington Tails Miami
16 San Francisco vs Cincinnati Tails San Francisco
15 Philadelphia vs Oakland Tails Philadelphia
14 LA Rams vs Pittsburgh Heads LA Rams
13 Dallas vs Pittsburgh Heads Dallas
12 Dallas vs Denver Heads Dallas
11 Oakland vs Minnesota Tails Oakland
10 Dallas vs Pittsburgh Heads Dallas
9 Pittsburgh vs Minnesota Tails Pittsburgh
8 Miami vs Minnesota Heads Miami
7 Miami vs Washington Heads Miami
6 Miami vs Dallas Heads Miami
5 Dallas vs Baltimore Tails Dallas
4 Minnesota vs Kansas City Tails Minnesota
3 NY Jets vs Baltimore Heads NY Jets
2 Green Bay vs Oakland Tails Oakland
1 Green Bay vs Kansas City Heads Green Bay

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Betting Favorites vs. Underdogs – Super Bowl History

The most prevalent style of betting on the Super Bowl is betting the spread. Are you betting on the “favorite” or the “underdog”? Betting on the favorite means betting on the team that is favored to win, which is seen as “Team X -7”. Betting on the underdog means betting on the team that is not favored to win, which is seen as “Team Y +7”.

In Super Bowl history, the favorite has covered the spread 28 times, and the underdog has covered 24 times, with two total pushes. Here’s a look.

Super Bowl Spread History
Total Favorite Covers 28
Total Underdog Covers 24
Total Pushes 2
Favorite Percentage 51.8%
Underdog Percentage 44.4%
Push Percentage 3.7%




Super Bowl Over vs. Under History

Betting the “total” in the Super Bowl means one thing. Are you betting over or under a certain amount of points? Here’s a look at some numbers over the entire history of the Super Bowl, which has had 27 overs and 26 unders. Let’s take a look.

Super Bowl Total History Number
Total Overs 27
Total Unders 26
Total “Not Listed” 1
Over Percentage 50%
Under Percentage 48.1%


Top 5 Super Bowl Upsets Against the Spread

24 underdogs have covered so far in Super Bowl history, but just how many of them were huge upsets? Everyone remembers Joe Namath, but was he the biggest upset in Super Bowl history? Let’s dive in.

  • Broncos (+11) over Packers in Super Bowl 32
  • Patriots (+14) over Rams in Super Bowl 36
  • Chiefs (+12) over Vikings in Super Bowl 4
  • Giants (+14) over Patriots in Super Bowl 42
  • Joe Namath’s Jets (+18) over Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl 3


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