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Super Bowl 55 takes place as the final game of the 2020-2021 NFL season, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Of course, this is the most popular single event for NFL bettors in terms of spreads, moneylines, and totals. But one market that is continually growing in popularity is betting on props at the Super Bowl.

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, there are many props available that have nothing to do with football. From wagering on what color Gatorade gets poured on the winning head coach to commercials to how many times an announcer will say a phrase. Super Bowl betting history is certainly a lot of fun, but one of the most popular is how long will the national anthem be. Let’s take a look.




National Anthem Odds/Props Super Bowl 2021

Legal sportsbooks just released their first Super Bowl National Anthem prop bets. Rumors are that the over/under is set at 1:59 for Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church for this year’s Super Bowl.




DraftKings Sportsbook National Anthem Prop Bet

While you cannot wager on the anthem time specifically at DraftKings Sportsbook, there is a prop that you can wager on between which will take “less time”. The betting market is which takes less time between any scoring drive or the National Anthem. There is heavy juice on “yes”, as both teams can score in a hurry for this year’s Super Bowl.



Current Prop has the National Anthem at 1:59

Props at other sportsbooks are currently coming in at around two minutes, even. Until the legal sportsbooks release their National Anthem odds, we shall go with 1:59. At the two-minute mark, there is history to dig into to make sure we make the best bet on Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church’s rendition of the National Anthem. Last year, PointsBet released an anthem prop. Stay tuned, as they may release a prop for this year’s Super Bowl.



Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan National Anthem History

The tough part with predicting this duet of a national anthem is the fact that there is limited to no film of Eric Church singing the “Star Spangled Banner”, but there is of Jazmine Sullivan. Another wrinkle is that it is a duet, which has not been done since Super Bowl 40 when Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville clocked at 2:10, a long one as expected. We do have some limited film on Jazmine Sullivan, which can help make an educated decision. Here’s a look at her two renditions of the anthem.

Event National Anthem Length
Philadelphia 76ers Game 1:49
NHL All Star Game 1:38

In the video below at a Philadelphia 76ers game, Sullivan started at the 0:23 mark and ended at 2:12, making it a sub-two minute rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at 1:49.

At the NHL All Star Game in Minnesota, Sullivan sang the anthem in a quick 1:38, one of the quickest we’ve seen. Here is the video, below.

Jazmine Sullivan definitely is on the quicker end of the spectrum, but Eric Church is the great unknown here which hurts the speculation and educated decision.


Super Bowl National Anthem Length History

Year Super Bowl Anthem Performer National Anthem Length
2020 Demi Lovato 1:49
2019 Gladys Knight 2:01
2018 Pink 1:53
2017 Luke Bryant 2:04
2016 Lady Gaga 2:09
2015 Idina Menzel 2:04
2014 Renee Fleming 1:54
2013 Alicia Keys 2:35
2012 Kelly Clarkson 1:34
2011 Christiana Aguilera 1:54
2010 Carrie Underwood 1:47
2009 Jennifer Hudson 2:10
2008 Jordin Sparks 1:54

With this data of the last 13 Super Bowl, the average is under two minutes at around 1:55, with Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson being the outliers at 2:35 and 1:34, respectively. With last year’s Super Bowl anthem singer Demi Lovato’s 1:49, last year’s under was a surprising pick given Lovato’s history of 2+ minute anthems. With this year being a duet, is the sharp move to bet on the over 1 minute and 59 seconds?



Other Super Bowl National Anthem Props

The length of the National Anthem is just one prop bet for the anthem, as some books may look at releasing more and more bets based around the anthem. In the past we have seen such bets that may ask:

  • Will the singer be wearing a dress, gown or a skirt to sing the National Anthem if female, or a suit, jeans, or more if male?
  • What will the singer’s hair color be?
  • Will the National Anthem take longer than any scoring drive in the Super Bowl?
  • Will the singer forget any words in the National Anthem?
  • Will any player kneel during the National Anthem?
  • What color will the singer’s microphone be?
  • Will there be fireworks after “Bombs Bursting in Air” during the National Anthem?


Super Bowl Anthem Props – 2019 Gladys Knight Controversy

Does anyone remember the 2019 National Anthem?

At the 2:17 mark of the above video, Gladys Knight finishes the song. But them she adds another “The Brave”, which adds another 12 seconds or so to the total. This brings up a great point for all sportsbooks as they set their odds. Books must clarify what counts as the end of the song. Traditionally, the rule has been after the first “brave”, but this video shows that it is quite clear Knight did not end the song until the final brave. Before you bet on the National Anthem length this year, be sure to clarify what the rules are.


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