Last Updated on September 15, 2020

Super Bowl Odds 2021
What a great week of NFL football! With the NFL back in action, there was a true sense of “normal” for sports fans, seeing the NFL play a full weekend of games. From Thursday Night Football’s battle between the Chiefs and Texans to a Monday Night Football doubleheader, betting on football yielded some great sweats, action, and more for NFL bettors that wagered on single-game, props, parlays, or more. Another part of NFL betting each week is taking a look at the futures market, including the Super Bowl futures odds. Which teams have seen their odds fall? Who is on the rise? Let’s take a look at the latest.


Latest 2021 Super Bowl Odds: Chiefs on Top

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As you can see, the Kansas City Chiefs are still favored to win the Super Bowl as they top the charts at various legal sportsbooks. Depending on which state you are in, you can get the Chiefs at +550, looking as the best price on the market as Week 2 begins. The Baltimore Ravens are just behind the Chiefs on PointsBet, but have the same odds as KC in most legal sportsbooks. There are quite a few teams who have seen significant movement in their Super Bowl odds, including the following.


Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds Increase after Week 1 Win

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Before Week 1 Change
Arizona Cardinals +3000 +5000 +2000

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals have seen their Super Bowl odds rise from +5000 to +3000 after a very impressive Week 1 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Murray was a superstar on the ground, rushing for 91 yards on 13 carries, but also added 230 yards through the air with his new favorite target in DeAndre Hopkins. Even more impressive was how the Cardinals’ defense fared, limiting the 49ers to just over 100 yards on the ground and sacking Jimmy Garoppolo three times. Are the Cardinals for real in 2020? Time will tell, but their odds have increased to win the Super Bowl after one week for a reason.


Houston Texans Odds Fall Heavily after Week 1 Loss

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Before Week 1 Change
Houston Texans +6600 +5000 -1600

One of the biggest drops of the week in terms of Super Bowl odds is the Houston Texans. Before Week 1, the Texans were +5000 to win the Super Bowl but have since fallen to +6600 after a Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Were they expected to win? No, but it was how they lost on Thursday Night Football that likely has affected their odds movement. While it was “only” a 14-point loss, the Texans scored two touchdowns later in the fourth quarter and the Texans defense was gashed on the ground. Deshaun Watson was sacked four times, threw an interception and was running away from pressure for the duration of the game. It was not a great start for the Houston Texans, and given the trades in the offseason, legal sportsbooks do not like the Texans futures at +6600, dropping from +5000.


Super Bowl Odds Movement After Week 1

Here is a full chart showing the odds movement from before Week 1 to after Week 1, looking ahead at Week 2. The biggest movers are the Washington Football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, and the Chicago Bears.

Here is a full look at the table for before and after Week 1:

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Before Week 1 Change
Washington Football +10000 +15000 +5000
Jacksonville Jaguars +15000 +17500 +2500
Arizona Cardinals +3000 +5000 +2000
Los Angeles Rams +2800 +4000 +1200
Chicago Bears +4000 +5000 +1000
Seattle Seahawks +1600 +2200 +600
Tennessee Titans +2200 +2800 +600
Las Vegas Raiders +6000 +6600 +600
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000 +2500 +500
Green Bay Packers +2500 +3000 +500
Los Angeles Chargers +4000 +4500 +500
Buffalo Bills +2200 +2500 +300
New England Patriots +2000 +2200 +200
Baltimore Ravens +550 +650 +100
New Orleans Saints +1000 +1100 +100
Kansas City Chiefs +550 +600 +50
San Francisco 49ers +1200 +1000 -200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1600 +1400 -200
Philadelphia Eagles +2500 +2200 -300
Dallas Cowboys +2000 +1600 -400
Minnesota Vikings +3300 +2800 -500
Cleveland Browns +5000 +4000 -1000
Detroit Lions +7000 +6000 -1000
Indianapolis Colts +3300 +2200 -1100
Atlanta Falcons +6600 +5000 -1600
Denver Broncos +6600 +5000 -1600
Houston Texans +6600 +5000 -1600
Carolina Panthers +15000 +12500 -2500
Cincinnati Bengals +17500 +15000 -2500
New York Giants +12500 +8000 -4500
Miami Dolphins +15000 +8000 -7000
New York Jets +15000 +8000 -7000
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