Last Updated on April 7, 2020

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have teased their new jerseys for quite some time, and they finally announced what they will look like for the 2020 season. Many were expecting the old-score “orange creamsicle” look, some wanted the old black and reds. Let’s take a look at the newly-released Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms for 2020.


Tampa Bay Bucs New Uniforms

These are not exactly new, are they? The one addition is the pewter color for the color rush uniforms but these are not the orange creamsicle uniforms. Some Bucs’ fans are upset on social media, as they did not get what they wanted, or expected. The one thing about these new jerseys is they seem to bring back the look of Jon Gruden and Derrick Brooks’ Bucs in the early 2000s. Some, including former Bucs writer Trevor Sikkema, loves the new reveal.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds

The Bucs’ current Super Bowl odds are +1600 on DraftKings Sportsbook. After signing Tom Brady, those odds moved north from 40:1 all the way to 16:1. The Bucs are certainly one of the top Super Bowl contenders in the NFC in 2020, and will only get better in the NFL Draft.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Current Win Total

The Bucs’ win total has jumped all the way to 9.5 after signing Tom Brady, which would be a 2.5-win increase from last season. In mid-March before the Tom Brady signing, the Bucs’ win total was only at seven.


Tom Brady Signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs, the NFL seemed to get flipped upside down. Some thought he was going back to the Patriots, some thought to the LA Chargers, and some thought even to San Francisco to be with Kyle Shanahan. There was a huge betting market for where Tom Brady’s next team was going to be at DraftKings Sportsbook as well.

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