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One of the coolest events each and every year has been “The Match”, with pro golfers and various celebrities playing in a two vs. two golf match. From a betting perspective, there is nothing better than these types of events as the live coverage is fantastic and there are plenty of betting markets to wager on, including props and more.

Let’s take a look at The Match for this weekend, as there is a full slate of betting odds, picks, and prop markets. We look at markets odds, ways to wager on The Match, and more.


The Match Returns July 6 on TNT

The next version of the popular “The Match” series, which will be the fourth one will take place in July. Here are the details.

Where: Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, Montana
When: Tuesday, July 6th, 2021
Watch: TNT
Who: Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady vs. Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers

Golfers Opening Odds

Current  Odds

Bryson Dechambeau & Aaron Rodgers -167 -182
Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady +130 +135
Odds from DraftKings    

This will be one for the ages, and quite possibly the most popular of all “The Match” events to date because of who is participating. Mickelson just won the PGA Championship, Tom Brady is possibly the most famous athlete in the world right now, with Aaron Rodgers being the most popular story in the NFL. Rodgers’ partner is Bryson DeChambeau who is a polarizing personality in his own right as a PGA professional.

The trash talk has already begun, as Tom Brady is all over Twitter talking about Rodgers.

This will be a very entertaining match, and with the sports betting markets expected to be available, it will make for some awesome television.



Rules for The Match IV

The rules have been announced for “The Match IV”, and they are quite interesting. Here’s a look, as it is based on “alternate shot” golf.

  • Tee Shot Rules
    • DeChambeau/Mickelson will shoot from professional tees.
    • Rodgers/Brady will shoot from front tees.
    • Best Ball format off the tee, as teams can choose which tee shot to use.
  • Alternate Shot
    • Once a team chooses their tee shot, it becomes alternate shot rules from there.
  • Match Play
    • Best score wins each hole.
    • Tied holes result in no win for that hole.
    • Most holes to win.
  • Winner
    • The winner of match play will have the most holes won after 18.
    • A team can win if they have more holes won than holes remaining.
    • Sudden death results if teams are tied after 18 holes.


“The Match IV” Betting Odds

When it comes to betting on golf, there are all types of wagers to wager on PGA and other golf events. Expect to see many types of odds, betting markets, and more for The Match in July.

The opening odds from Station Casinos in Vegas has Phil and Tom Brady as the favorites to win at -130.

Stay tuned for more odds and betting picks for The Match, Brady/Mickelson vs. DeChambeau/Rodgers.

At DraftKings Sportsbook, the odds are as follows.

Team Odds
Bryson DeChambeau & Aaron Rodgers -167
Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady +130
Odds from DraftKings  



Can you bet on “The Match”? 

In the past, DraftKings Sportsbook has offered betting markets in many states. Expect there to be many betting markets available for Brady/Mickelson vs. DeChambeau/Rodgers. Here are some of the betting markets available that were in the past, that are expected to be available for this version of The Match in July.

  • The Match Betting Props
    • First to go 1 up
    • First to go 2 up
    • Albatross in the match
    • To hole a shot off the green
    • To go to a playoff
    • Leader after X holes
    • Hole in one (by golfer)
  • The Match Hole Betting Specials
    • Hole X Winner
    • Birdie on Hole X
    • Fairway in Regulation on Hole X


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