Super Bowl Prop Bets

Betting on the Super Bowl is one thing, from spreads to totals to money lines. That is the bread and butter of Super Bowl betting, but what may be more fun (and profitable!) is betting on the prop bets surrounding the Big Game. Each and every year, there are plenty of props to choose from at sportsbooks all over the industry. From the coin toss to the color of sports drink to crazy props you thought you would never see, prop bets are everywhere for the taking.

Finding the best props is tough, as they are everywhere. That is what we are here for, so let’s take a dive into the best Super Bowl 54 prop bets from around the industry.


Super Bowl Player Props


Player Prop Type Prop Sportsbook
Patrick Mahomes Passing TD Over 1.5 (-235) DraftKings
Patrick Mahomes First Pass Attempt Incomplete (+180) DraftKings
Patrick Mahomes Rushing Yards Over 30.5 DraftKings
Damien Williams Rushing Attempts Under 13.5 DraftKings
Raheem Mostert Rushing Yards – Matchups To Beat Damien Williams (-190) DraftKings
Travis Kelce To Score a TD TD -106 DraftKings
Jimmy Garoppolo Passing Attempts Under 29.5 DraftKings
Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards – Spread Mahomes -58.5 FanDuel
Patrick Mahomes QB to be Sacked First Mahomes +100 FanDuel

Player props are the most popular offering when it comes to the props market, and as of early in Super Bowl week, DraftKings Sportsbook has a ton of player props available. Some of our favorites are above. Patrick Mahomes’ first pass being incomplete at +180 is a very attractive option given Andy Reid’s history to take a shot down the field right away. At a price of +180, that is too good of a price to ignore.

Another attractive prop is Mahomes to have 59 more passing yards than Garoppolo, a prop from FanDuel Sportsbook. Given how often Garoppolo has thrown the football so far this playoffs compared to Mahomes, this seems like a no-brainer.


Chiefs – 49ers Game Props


Prop Type Prop Sportsbook
First Team to Score 49ers -108 DraftKings
Game to go to OT Yes +1000 DraftKings
First Scoring Play Home Team Field Goal (+400) DraftKings
First Scoring Play Away Team Field Goal (+440) DraftKings
Either team to win EXACTLY by 3 points Yes +355 DraftKings
Team to Call First Timeout Chiefs -112 DraftKings
First Down Props 49ers Most First Downs -106 DraftKings
First Offensive Play Pass Attempt -105 FanDuel
Last Play of Game to be a QB Kneel Yes -150 FanDuel
What Will Happen First for KC? Punt -120 FanDuel
What Will Happen First for SF? Score Points +100 FanDuel
Most Penalty Yards Against Chiefs -125 FanDuel

There area plethora of game props on many sportsbooks, but the game prop selection on FanDuel Sportsbook is vast and very unique. Be sure to take a look at all books for the best prices. The first team to score prop being 49ers -108 seems like a great bet given how slow the Chiefs have started this postseason. While the 49ers may not win, them scoring first is a bet that is much more likely than 50%, so a -108 price is terrific. As you can see, both first scoring plays being either team kicking at FG at +400 and +440 makes for a safe bet, as if there is a half unit bet on each, a win brings home at least 4:1 return as long as a field goal is the first score. Great value there.

The last play of the game being a QB kneel at -150 is interesting, given all that means that if there is not a tie game, all that bet needs is the winning team to have the ball at the end of the game. It happens far more than we may think, so -150 is solid value.


DraftKings Sportsbook Novelty Props

If you have not taken a look yet, DraftKings Sportsbook has an entire section of Super Bowl props called “Novelty Props”, which is a great way to separate and entice bettors to find some props to bet on for the Big Game. Let’s take a look at some of the bets you can take for these novelty bets.


Prop Type Selections
Coin Toss Outcome Tails -103
Coin Toss Winner 49ers -103
Coin Toss Called Correctly Yes -103
Color of Gatorade Shower Clear/Water +450
Trick Play Specials Over 2.5 Players to Attempt a Pass +124
Fat Man TD Offensive Lineman to Score a TD is +3300
Retirement Specials Suggs, McCoy, and Emmanuel Sanders

DraftKings did a terrific job separating all of the props, as the section “novelty props” will be very attractive to Super Bowl bettors. With two very creative coaches, over 2.5 players to attempt a pass at +124 is great value and it makes it very fun to root for. Remember two seasons ago, four players attempted a pass in Super Bowl 52.


Super Bowl 54 MVP Prop Bets


Player to Win Super Bowl 54 MVP DraftKings Sportsbook Price FanDuel Sportsbook Price Better Price for Bettors
Patrick Mahomes -115 +110 FanDuel
Jimmy Garoppolo +225 +250 FanDuel
Raheem Mostert +900 +850 DraftKings
George Kittle +1600 +1800 FanDuel
Tyreek Hill +2000 +1700 DraftKings
Travis Kelce +2000 +2200 FanDuel
Damien Williams +2500 +2400 DraftKings
Nick Bosa +2500 +3300 FanDuel
Deebo Samuel +3300 +2400 DraftKings
Sammy Watkins +4500 +4500

Super Bowl MVP is a very attractive prop betting market, but be sure to find the book with the best odds. The above shows the difference in odds between DraftKings and FanDuel Sportsbook, as some players will have different odds based on the book. For example, if you wanted to bet on Patrick Mahomes to win the MVP, bet on FanDuel as you have a +110 price compared to -115 on DraftKings. Odds shopping is very important, and it is something profitable bettors practice on everything, not just props.


Crazy Super Bowl Prop Bets

Every year, there are some props that make you say: “WHAT?!”. This year is no exception, let’s take a look at some of the craziest props offered around the legal sports betting industry for Super Bowl 54:


Kyle Shanahan to Blow a 28-3 Lead

This is a fun one. The creative minds at PointsBet have produced a touchy prop for Falcons fans, as they have a prop set on whether Kyle Shanahan blows a 28-3 lead. For those who remember, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Falcons when they blew an infamous 28-3 lead to the Patriots.

This bet is being offered at +10000 for the 49ers blowing a 28-3 lead.


Which Team Will Use their Coaches Challenge First?

Many books are offering props on the coaches challenge. At Unibet, the prices are close to even as possible for each team to use a coaches challenge first, and DraftKings even has the potential outcomes of the first coaches challenge, total number of challenges, and whether or not a challenge will be overturned.


William Hill’s Cross-Sport Props

Bettors at William Hill Sportsbook will be able to wager on cross-sport events happening, such as Zion Williamson’s total points on Sunday wagered against Raheem Mostert’s total rushing attempts. There are many other props of this sort on William Hill, so be sure to check them out for creative wagers on cross-sport events.


Two Minute Warning Action

This is extremely detailed, but there are props out there on DraftKings and other books that involve betting on exactly what happens at the two-minute warning. DraftKings has this bet: “[1st or second] half two-minute warning occurs at EXACTLY 2:00 on the clock”. This means you can bet on whether or not you think the two-minute warning happens after a play occurs that brings the clock below 2:00. Yes and no are different prices, favoring “yes”, of course.


DraftKings’ “Doink Special”

Everyone remembers the “Double Doink” call on Cody Parkey hitting two posts with a field goal try, so DraftKings is offering a “Doink Special” that asks whether or not a kick will hit the uprights or crossbar. Yes is +400 and no is -670.


FanDuel’s Penalty Props

Many books are offering props on penalties, but maybe none as deep as FanDuel Sportsbook’s offerings. FanDuel has the following penalty props posted:

  • Combined Penalty Yards
  • Total Accepted Penalties Against
  • Most Penalty Yards Against
  • First Team Penalized for X Call
    • Holding
    • Pass Interference
    • False Start
  • Distance of Longest Penalty
  • Will Roughing the Passer be Called?
  • First Accepted Penalty Against

This is a lot of action on penalties!

Check out our Super Bowl Betting history data!



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