Last Updated on February 2, 2021


When it comes to the Super Bowl, props are king in the legal sports betting space. In America with the ever-growing popularity of betting on props over single-game results, the Super Bowl becomes a feasting ground for legal sportsbooks to offer bets of all types. At William Hill Sportsbook, that holds true for Super Bowl 55.

From betting on the coin toss to the color of the Gatorade, the props market has some crazy wagers for Super Bowl 55. At William Hill Sportsbook, they have provided a look at which bets are most popular for all Super Bowl props. Let’s take a look at the public betting report for the most-wagered on props at the Super Bowl in terms of total bets and total dollars.


Popular Props Tease High Scoring Super Bowl

At William Hill Sportsbook for Super Bowl 55, the most popular bet for all users is wagering on the simple question: “Will both teams score in every quarter?”. This prop is +370, and is the most wagered prop at William Hill in terms of tickets. Other popular tickets are:

As you can see, sports bettors at William Hill are wagering on a lot of scoring to happen in the Super Bowl. It is also quite interesting to see that all of the most popular props in terms of total tickets are plus-money, besides the coin-toss.



Bettors Hammer Tom Brady NOT to Score a Touchdown


Betting on a Super Bowl prop with a low-dollar amount is one thing, as many long shots are called long shot for a reason, since they may not hit. But when it comes to which props that are being wagered on in terms of by dollar amount, that is where the public betting information is vastly valuable. The most popular prop bet at William Hill Sportsbook for the Super Bowl is for Tom Brady not to score a rushing touchdown. The price is -440, and William Hill has taken the most money of all prop bets on Brady to not run one in like he did above earlier this NFL season.

Here is a look at the other most popular prop bets in terms of dollars wagered.

  • Either team to miss a FG (-650, no)
  • Safety in the game (-900, no)
  • Team with most rushing yards (TB +10.5, -110)
  • KC rushing TD in the first half (+165, no)
  • Will a missed FG hit the upright (-450, no)
  • Scott Miller TD prop (-650, no)
  • Phoenix Suns Points or KC Rushing Yards (Suns -110)
  • Will game go to OT (-950, no)
  • Ronald Jones Receiving Yards (-110, under)

There is a lot of money being wagered on heavily juiced props, as bettors are wagering on what is obviously the most likely scenario. If Tom Brady rushes for a touchdown, William Hill Sportsbook will clean house on the props market.



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