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The NBA Top Shot hype has surrounded the NBA community and a lot of sports bettors. What may become the future of sports collectables or trading cards has garnered attention from national media outlets, NBA governors (Mark Cuban), and many NBA players. If you are not familiar, NBA Top Shot is a platform that lets users purchase licensed highlights called “moments”, that come from various sets and have serial numbers, similar to trading cards.

What you may not know is just how much money some of these moments have generated. Recently, someone purchased a LeBron James dunk moment for $208,000. In total, five different moments have sold for over $100,000, and dozens more in a similar price range. Let’s take a look at the top 10 NBA Top Shot sales of all time.



Top NBA Top Shot Sales of All Time

Without a doubt, the NBA Top Shot community has taken over social media and NBA fans have joined the platform. There have been over 1.6M transactions, and well over a billion dollars worth of money changing hands. Recently, even a moment sold for $200K. The first $100,000 transactions were a LeBron James block and a Zion Williamson block, both selling for exactly $100,000 each on the same day. Since then, we have seen $100,000 Ja Morant moments, $85,000 Giannis moments, and of course the $208,000 LeBron James moment.

The theory is the higher the serial number and the more rare the moment, the higher the value. But, like trading cards the values can vary based on the consumers.

Here is a look at the top sales to date on NBA Top Shot, per Cryptoslam.

Moment Set Team Moment Type USD Serial Number
LeBron James
Cosmic Los Angeles Lakers Dunk $208,000.00 29
LeBron James
From the Top Los Angeles Lakers Block $100,000.00 1
Ja Morant
Holo MMXX Memphis Grizzlies Dunk $100,000.00 8
Zion Williamson
Holo MMXX New Orleans Pelicans Block $100,000.00 1
LeBron James
Throwdowns Los Angeles Lakers Dunk $100,000.00 1
LeBron James
Holo MMXX Los Angeles Lakers Dunk $99,999.00 12
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Holo MMXX Milwaukee Bucks Dunk $85,000.00 34
Steph Curry
Deck the Hoops Golden State Warriors Handles $85,000.00 1
LeBron James
From the Top Los Angeles Lakers Dunk $80,000.00 35
Kyrie Irving
Holo MMXX Brooklyn Nets Handles $79,999.00 1


LeBron James Dunk Moment Sells for over $200K

Of course, the top 10 moments in itself are quite impressive. But one stands out, as someone paid $208,000 for a #29 LeBron James Cosmic moment. Here’s the details on the moment:

Serial Number: #29 of 49
Date Sold: 2/22/2021
Price: $208,000
New Owner: “jesse”
Original Owner: “Sparky_24”

While this moment does not have the number “one” serial number or even LeBron James’ number (23), the speculation on the value increasing is very interesting in the cosmic set. It is the only cosmic moment ranked in the top 10 for moments sold.


What is NBA Top Shot?

This may be the most popular question in sports speculation, but what is NBA Top Shot, really? The simple answer is that it is a virtual trading card marketplace for the NBA, where the cards are called “moments”, and they are short highlight videos. NBA Top Shot sells packs that users can open, then trade/buy/sell on the platform.

The platform is built on blockchain technology, which makes the market super transparent. NBA Top Shot is not without ridicule, as many users still cannot withdraw due to certain rules and regulations, the prices have fluctuated, and the site has had its share of technological difficulties.

Nevertheless, when someone spends $208,000 on something…the sports world takes notice.



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