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How often is a three-pointer made in an NBA game? On average, there are at least 25 three-pointers in every single NBA contest. Imagine if you could get +1000 odds on a SINGLE three-pointer being made. At Unibet Sportsbook, now you can.

During the NBA playoffs, Unibet Sportsbook is offering +1000 odds on a single three pointer being made in any NBA game. You can wager $20 on the promotion, and get $200 as long as a single three-pointer is made. This is a terrific promotion, and a great way to boost your bankroll at a new sportsbook.

Let’s take a look at the latest promotional offer from Unibet Sportsbook, which can turn your $20 into well over $200 betting on the NBA playoffs.



NBA Playoffs Betting Promo at Unibet Sportsbook

At Unibet Sportsbook for this year’s NBA playoffs, they have an awesome promotion that allows you to turn $20 into $200 if a single three-pointer is made. Given that the NBA is built on the three-point shot, this is a no-brainer for new players at Unibet Sportsbook.

You can sign up, deposit $20, and wager on any NBA moneyline. As long as a three-pointer is made in that game, you get $200 at Unibet Sportsbook. In addition, if your moneyline wager wins, you keep that money as well! Your $20 wager could turn into well over $240.


Turn $20 into $200 if a Three-Pointer is Made

You read that correctly. If a single three-pointer is made in an NBA playoff game, your $20 wager will become $200 at Unibet. It is not often that a “free money” bonus occurs, but this is as close to it as you can imagine. As soon as a three-pointer is made, your $20 wager cashes at +1000.

Curious how often a three-pointer is made in the NBA? The team with the least amount of three-pointers made this season was the San Antonio Spurs at 9.9, and they are out of the playoffs. Every other team in the NBA has made at least 10 threes per contest, which means at minimum you are getting an average of 20+ made threes per game. This is a given, and a team will likely hit a three-pointer in the first few minutes of the game for this bet to cash.

Let’s find out how to take advantage of this promotion, and turn $20 into $200.


How to get your 10/1 odds Boost at Unibet

Want to take advantage of this offer to get 10:1 odds on a single three-pointer to be made? Of course you do, here’s how to get your odds boost.

  • Sign up at Unibet Sportsbook with promo code NBA200.
  • Deposit at least $20 to fund our account.
  • Bet $20 on any NBA moneyline for the NBA playoffs.
  • When a team makes a three-pointer, you will receive a $200 bonus from Unibet.
  • Your $20 moneyline wager will also be settled as normal, win or lose.

This promotion is available to all new players at Unibet Sportsbook.

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