• The Pittsburgh Steelers hold onto their slim lead for first place in the AFC despite the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are giving them no breathing room.
  • The Baltimore Ravens have dropped out of the playoff picture after starting the season 5-1.
  • Even without Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints continue to roll. They are 8-2 and in first place in the NFC.


With Sunday’s games over, we have a much clearer view of the NFL playoff picture heading into Week 12. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams still need to play on Monday Night Football, but they are both going to be in the current playoff picture no matter who wins. Let’s take a look at the rest of the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the last undefeated team in the NFL and they are in line to have the only bye in the AFC. With the NFL expanding to seven teams in each conference, there are only two byes in the NFL. Pittsburgh fell behind the one-win Jacksonville Jaguars early on Sunday but would go onto score 27 unanswered points in a blowout win.

The Steelers will face off against their division rival, the Baltimore Ravens, on Thanksgiving. Baltimore surged out to a 5-1 start to the season, but three losses in four games have the Ravens out of the playoffs entirely. Another loss would put a serious dent in Baltimore’s playoff chances.

In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints are on top with a slim one-game lead over the Seattle Seahawks for the first-round bye. Drew Brees is currently on injured reserve after fracturing his ribs and suffering from a collapsed lung, but Taysom Hill stepped up in his place. The BYU product was 18-for-23 passing for 233 yards with 51 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns for good measure. The Saints’ Super Bowl hopes are still alive despite the injury to Brees.


AFC Playoff Picture

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0) — 1st-round bye
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) — home wild-card team
  3. Buffalo Bills (7-3) — home wild-card team
  4. Tennessee Titans (7-3) — home wild-card team
  5. Indianapolis Colts (7-3) — road wild-card team
  6. Cleveland Browns (7-3) — road wild-card team
  7. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4) — road wild-card team

In the hunt: Baltimore Ravens (6-4), Miami Dolphins (6-4), New England Patriots (4-6)


NFC Playoff Picture

  1. New Orleans Saints (8-2) — 1st-round bye
  2. Seattle Seahawks (7-3) — home wild-card team
  3. Green Bay Packers (7-3) — home wild-card team
  4. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1) — home wild-card team
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) — road wild-card team
  6. Los Angeles Rams (6-3) — road wild-card team
  7. Arizona Cardinals (6-4) — road wild-card team

In the hunt: Chicago Bears (5-5), Minnesota Vikings (4-6), Detroit Lions (4-6), San Francisco 49ers (4-6)