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Super Bowl Odds 2021

Week 8 of the NFL season is in the books, and what a fun one it was. The Bucs closed out the New York Giants on a two-point conversion to finish out the week, the Steelers are still undefeated, and the Chiefs continue to dismantle nearly every opponent they match up against. As Week 9 approaches, there are plenty of storylines to follow but one of the most notable ones is the continued odds movement across NFL teams when it comes to the Super Bowl futures market. Teams have moved up and down, some have really blossomed, and some have fallen greatly due to many factors.

With Week 9 starting this week, the Super Bowl odds movement has shown that the top of the odds list has begun to separate from the mid-tier teams. With teams like the Chiefs, Steelers, and Bucs’ being +650 or better. Plenty of teams are out of the hunt, but still show odds given that they are not “mathematically” eliminated. Let’s take a look at the updated Super Bowl odds, movement, and news.


Updated 2021 Super Bowl Odds

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The Super Bowl odds for Week 9 in the NFL have the Chiefs at the top at +350 at DraftKings Sportsbook, while also holding the same price at other legal sportsbooks. For the best prices, be sure to use the above chart to take advantage of which sportsbooks can grant you the most return for your wager. After Week 8, the Steelers odds have risen (again), the Rams have fallen, and others have shown movement. Let’s dive in and check out the biggest headlines from Week 8 in the NFL when it comes to Super Bowl odds movement.


Steelers start 7-0, Super Bowl odds rise after Week 8 win

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl odds have been on a meteoric rise since the start of the 2020 season. At open, Pittsburgh was +2500 to win the Super Bowl. After seven straight wins to start the season, they stand at +550 to win the last NFL game of the season. After an impressive win over the Ravens in Week 8, the Steelers moved from +850 to the current +550, and only trail the Chiefs in current odds. Pittsburgh has an easy schedule for the next few weeks, so they could clinch a playoff spot relatively soon, which is amazing to think about.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 8 to Current Movement
Pittsburgh Steelers +550 +300


Rams Super Bowl odds plummet after Week 8 loss to Miami

Entering Week 8, the Los Angeles Rams were +1700 to win the Super Bowl. Then, a loss to the Miami Dolphins caused their Super Bowl odds to plunge to +2800, a massive 1100-point move. The Rams are still in the mix in the NFC, but a bad loss always hurts the chances. In addition, they are chasing the Seattle Seahawks in their own division which hurts the path to the playoffs, let alone the NFC Championship and Super Bowl.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 8 to Current Movement
Los Angeles Rams +2800 -1,100



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Week 9 Super Bowl Odds Movement

Last week’s Super Bowl odds movement showed an increase in odds for the Steelers, and this week shows the same, but also with many others moving in both directions. Entering Week 9, there are 11 teams that saw their odds increase, 14 teams that saw their odds decrease, and seven teams that remain unchanged. Let’s take a look at which teams saw their odds move up, which saw their odds fall, and why.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 8 to Current Movement
Cincinnati Bengals +40000 +20000
Minnesota Vikings +10000 +10000
Denver Broncos +15000 +7500
Miami Dolphins +7000 +3000
Philadelphia Eagles +4000 +1000
Las Vegas Raiders +6000 +600
Indianapolis Colts +2500 +500
Pittsburgh Steelers +550 +300
Seattle Seahawks +800 +200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650 +150
Kansas City Chiefs +350 +50

The biggest movers were the Bengals, Vikings, and Broncos in Week 8, but none of the three are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. The Dolphins saw a large increase from +10000 to +7000 too, but they have a long way to go before being a contender as well. As for the teams that saw the most significant movement, here were the leaders:

  • Eagles +5000 to +4000
  • Raiders +6600 to +6000
  • Colts +3000 to +2500
  • Steelers +850 to +550
  • Seattle +1000 to +800
  • Bucs +800 to +650

In addition, the Chiefs moved from +400 to +350.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 8 to Current Movement
New York Giants +50000 -15,000
Dallas Cowboys +15000 -5,000
Los Angeles Chargers +15000 -5,000
Carolina Panthers +15000 -2,500
New England Patriots +8000 -2,000
Detroit Lions +10000 -2,000
Los Angeles Rams +2800 -1,100
Cleveland Browns +5000 -1,000
Chicago Bears +6000 -1,000
Tennessee Titans +2800 -800
San Francisco 49ers +3300 -500
Green Bay Packers +1400 -300
Baltimore Ravens +900 -200
New Orleans Saints +1500 -100

A number of teams saw their Super Bowl odds fall in Week 8, but most of the “large” movements are from teams that are out of the mix. The Giants, Cowboys, Chargers, and Panthers moved way down and only the Cowboys had a chance during the season but lost their chances due to Dak Prescott’s injury, among other things. The Patriots going from +6000 to +8000 is interesting after a Cam Newton fumble sent Bill Belichick and company to 2-5 . Other significant movement includes the Titans moving from +2000 to +2800, and the Packers going from +1100 to +1400. Baltimore fell from +700 to +900 after losing to the Steelers in Week 8.

For a full look at odds, info, and movement, check out our Super Bowl odds page.


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