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With another NFL season on the horizon, serious NFL bettors are starting to plan their trips to enter the yearly NFL contests such as the SuperContest, the DraftKings NFL Pick ‘Em, and the Circa Sports Million II. Thankfully, these contests have expanded to more states thanks to DraftKings Sportsbook in 2021, so more players can enter than ever before.

Let’s take a look at the three main NFL betting contests for the 2021 season, who can enter, the details for each contest and more.



DraftKings Pro Football Millionaire Pick’Em Contest

This year’s DraftKings NFL betting contest is a good one, as it is expanding to more and more states. Here are the details for the contest.

  • $1,500 Entry Fee
  • $4M Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Three entries (max) per person
  • $1M Guaranteed to first place
  • Top 135 players are paid

Unlike the Vegas contests, DraftKings is charging a 6% rake for each entry ($90). With that in mind, you do not have to hire a proxy service if you are able to wager in the legal states that the DraftKings contest enters which may be more expensive than the 6% rake.



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This contest will have a ton of interest as residents and visitors from at least eight states will be able to participate. Here are the states that are currently able to participate in the DraftKings Pro Football Millionaire Pick ‘Em.

  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Here is how the contest works. Each week, players must select their five favorite games against the spread. There will be 80 total picks, which means each bettor gets one week “off” for the contest. There are some bonuses available for players including the following:

  • $100 Sportsbook credit for a 5-0 week
  • Winner earns a ticket to the “Tournament of Champions”


Circa Sports Million III – 2021 NFL Pick Contest

The first of the two Vegas NFL betting contests is the Circa Sports Million III, which of course is the third edition of this contest. Last season, Circa stepped up and had 3,148 entries to the contest, which is rake-free as always allowing for maximum payouts. Here are the details:

  • $1,000 Entry Fee
  • $4M Guaranteed this year
  • Up to three entries (max) per player
  • $1M first place prize
  • Top 50 are paid
  • Rake Free

This contest is a tad different than DraftKings, as it is five picks per week but for the full 18-week season. Given that the contest is in Las Vegas, you must make a trip there to register in person. So while the contest is rake-free, most players will have to pay a proxy service in order to place their bets properly if they are not located in the state of Nevada.


Westgate Las Vegas Supercontest – 2021 NFL Pick Contest

Arguably the most popular betting contest is the Westgate SuperContest, which has been around for quite some time. The traditional entry has been slashed a bit, plus there is no longer any rake in the SuperContest. Here is a look at the details for this contest:

  • $1,000 entry fee.
  • Three entries (max) per player
  • Top 30 are paid
  • Rake Free

There is another contest at the Westgate, the SuperContest Gold which is a $5,000 entry but it is winner-take-all. This contest is just like the Circa Sports contest, which allows for bettors to make five picks for each and every week of the NFL season. This year’s contest also will feature spread out payouts, which include three sections of the season that are six weeks long with a winner at the end of each.

Like the other Vegas contests, you have to register in person to participate then pay a proxy service to make your picks in Vegas if you are unable to travel to Nevada each week in order to select your five games against the spread.


Who can enter NFL betting contests in 2021?

Notoriously, these betting contests have always been only available to those who live or travel to Las Vegas then can use a proxy service in Las Vegas to make picks each week. With the expansion of legal sports betting, that has changed for the better. Now, in addition to having the ability to play via proxy and register in person in Las Vegas, other contests can be entered in various legal betting states.

Let’s take a look at which states you can play these three contests in.


DraftKings Pro Football Pick Contest States

Here are the states you are able to play this year’s NFL betting contest on DraftKings. This does not mean you have to live in these states, as you can travel to these states to make picks each and every week if you are close to the borders.

For the Circa Sports Million III and the Westgate SuperContest, you will have to enter in person and play in Las Vegas either in person or via a proxy service. These Vegas contests have 100% payout, and are used as a marketing tool for these sportsbooks. As for the DraftKings contest, there is six percent rake but is open in various betting states and will have a lot of players.


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