Last Updated on May 11, 2020

With more and more states discussing and enacting their return to “normalcy” by lifting stay-at-home orders, going through phases of re-openings, and other coronavirus pandemic restrictions…the casinos are wondering who will come out to gamble. It has been no secret that online casinos have done well (as well can be) during the pandemic, but with retail casinos closed there has been a massive loss of revenue. The worry for some is that will not temporary, as the result of the virus to many has resulted in change that will likely be permanent. A report has been released that asks the very question, will you return to casinos when allowed?


Young Gamblers Would Return to Casinos, With Higher Standards

A new report from Synergy Blue shows that 62% of gamblers that responded to the poll will return to casinos as they reopen. The poll shows that this 62% is of people that are 29 years of age or younger. The results from the poll decrease in willingness to return to the casinos once they reopen as the ages increase though. Here’s a look at the results

  • 62% of gamblers 29 or younger plan to return to casinos.
  • 56% of gamblers 30 to 45 plan to return to casinos.
  • 48% of gamblers 45-60 plan to return to casinos.
  • Only 40% of gamblers over the age of 60 plan to return to casinos upon reopening.

The results make sense, given that many medical reports have shown that older people are more susceptible to the disease and can show harsher symptoms. The total number of gamblers that say they will return to casinos upon re-opening is 51%, when you include all ages to respond to the survey. This includes many health and safety standards that will keep players safer, though.


Will Baby Boomers Return to Casinos After Stay-at-Home Orders Lifted?

Per the report, only 40% of gamblers over the age of 60 will return to casinos right away after the orders are lifted. Now, that is still a large number of people which is good news for the casino industry, but it does come with a cost of the other 60% (right away, at least) and of course the increase in health and safety standards. Casinos will need to be cleaner, more barriers for table games, and more to prevent the spread of viruses.

Keep these numbers from the polls in mind, though:

  • 58% of the people that said they are not willing to return to the casinos right away say it is due to the economy, not necessarily the virus.
  • 64% of the people in the poll have said they have played at online casinos (for real money or for free) during the pandemic.
  • 48% of people that responded said they will still spend the same amount in terms of gambling money. That is a big loss, as of now.


Online Casinos to Skyrocket After COVID Pandemic?

As evidenced in the reports for March for the online casinos in many states, online casinos have seen their numbers soar during the pandemic. Of course, most of this is due to the casinos being closed but with the reports indicating that 93% of people saying they will continue to use online gambling after the pandemic, we could continue to see a massive rise in revenue at online casinos in the US. Just take a look at this chart, and the growth in March compared to previous months:

Month PA Online Casino Revenue NJ Online Casino Revenue
April 2019 $36,582,934
May 2019 $38,340,638
June 2019 $38,058,244
July 2019 (Launch) $517,712 $39,315,731
August 2019 $2,525,726 $41,101,578
September 2019 $3,235,113 $41,138,257
October 2019 $3,977,208 $45,214,555
November 2019 $9,655,811 $49,137,906
December 2019 $10,624,699 $49,327,957
January 2020 $13,957,539 $55,086,590
February 2020 $19,490,815 $51,987,768
March 2020 $24,265,820 $64,821,903
Total Year-to-Date Casino Revenue $88,250,443 $550,114,061
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