Last Updated on March 17, 2021

With the weather in the United States warming up for most in the country, that is the first sign of spring. That also means that horse racing season is set to begin soon, which leads us into one of the most popular events among bettors, the Kentucky Derby.

While the Derby will run regardless in 2021, the event is just far better with fans in attendance. Let’s take a look at whether or not there will be fans available for the 147th Kentucky Derby, whether or not fans will have to wear masks, and more.


Will There be Fans at the Kentucky Derby this year?

The Kentucky Derby is a much better event with a packed house of horse racing fans and bettors. The question becomes “Will there be fans at the Derby this year?”.

All signs indicate, as of mid-March 2021, that there will be fans at the Derby. The Derby’s own website has posted that they are planning on allowing 40 to 50% capacity for reserved seating, which allows fans to socially distance on the grounds. With that said, more and more states are opening up for business across the US and Kentucky could look to do the same ahead of the Derby on May 1st.

General admission tickets are currently not for sale, and will not be for sale until COVID-19 restrictions are modified or lifted. There will be some fans without a doubt, but are we looking at another less-than-full crowd like we had last year? Time will tell.


2021 Kentucky Derby – Fans Will Wear Masks

As of current regulations in mid-March 2021, fans will be required to wear masks for the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby. Per the Derby website, there is expected to be 40 to 50% capacity, and that includes a mask mandate on the grounds. Per the “commonly asked questions” section of the website, the Kentucky Derby mentions the following as a response:

“All indications suggest that masks will be required at Derby 2021 based on the projections of public health experts. We will continue to operate within the guidance and recommendations issued by local and state health officials as well as the CDC.”

With the Derby being just six weeks away, there is a very likely chance that masks will need to be worn by those who attend the Kentucky Derby. In addition, all workers are required to wear masks, will be monitored, provided with hand-washing stations, and there are social distancing guidelines in place.


Can I Buy Tickets for the 2021 Kentucky Derby?

Buying tickets for the 2021 Kentucky Derby is still a tough task, as there are COVID-19 regulations that prevent general admission tickets. Per the Kentucky Derby website, ticket sales are currently only offered to those purchasing a specific seat and can follow social distancing guidelines in those seats.

As more and more states continue to open up, Kentucky may eventually allow for general admission. With that said, the Derby is on May 1st, which is only six weeks away.

Action Rush Staff