Last Updated on April 18, 2021


When it comes to betting on the National Football League, there really is no offseason. After the Super Bowl, there is NFL futures to wager on, the NFL Draft, and others throughout the spring and summer up until the season begins the following year. One of the most popular offseason betting markets is wagering on win totals for the upcoming season.

With the NFL Win Totals being released at William Hill Sportsbook, let’s take a look at the odds, the best way to capitalize on value, our win totals picks, and more.


NFL Win Totals – William Hill Sportsbook

With the NFL Draft looming in a few weeks, NFL bettors have been awaiting the release of win totals. As of Friday morning, they were posted at William Hill Sportsbook.

The obvious teams are at the top, with the Chiefs and Bucs being the only two teams at 11.5 wins or more as they are destined for a Super Bowl rematch (on paper). With that said, there are 10 teams in total that have a win total number of 10 or more, which is a lot. On the other side, there are four teams with a total of six or less: Jacksonville, New York Jets, Detroit, and Houston.

Other legal sportsbooks have different numbers for some of these teams, so there is value to be had at William Hill Sportsbook.


Our Early NFL Win Total Picks

With totals being released early, there is always value to be had. Some teams will see a large drop (or rise) after the NFL Draft, and of course free agency is still underway with some key players that have not signed.

Here are our win total picks to take advantage of opening value at William Hill Sportsbook.

  • Saints under 9.5
  • Bills over 10.5
  • Eagles under 7
  • Texans under 5

Three unders?! Yes, as the Saints, Eagles, and Texans all could be playing with a new quarterback in 2021 then they started within 2020. The Saints lost Drew Brees, and it remains to be seen who the starter will be in New Orleans. Either way, 9.5 is a high number. The Bills are one of the better teams in football and can be expected to have double-digit wins for the better part of the next decade. If they can improve in the draft, winning 11 games is not a farfetched ask.

The Eagles could have one of the worst rosters in the NFL, and their number is closer to six at other sportsbooks. Seven wins is a stretch, given they have one of the worst cap situations entering the NFL Draft. The Texans number is based on speculation about Deshaun Watson, but even if he plays this is not a good football team in any phase of the game and have a new coach.


NFL Futures at William Hill Sportsbook

Win totals are just one of many NFL Futures you can wager on at William Hill, as there is a large selection of markets to wager on even in the NFL offseason. Here’s a look at some of the options.

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