Last Updated on May 8, 2020

Another one bites the dust. The XFL announced they have suspended all operations and laid off “nearly all of its staff”, per SportsCenter. With the promise of the first few months of operations, the XFL had a good thing going. They had to suspend their season due to coronavirus, which likely plays a big part in this decision.


XFL Has No Plans to Return in 2021

A very unfortunate part of this news was the league stating they have no plans to return in 2021. Could this mean the end of the XFL? The conference call certainly indicates that. As Tom Pelissero tweeted, the words “shut down” were used which is not a good sign. Unfortunately, this news will bring a lot of the “same old, same old” from many, but a business losing a first year of revenue while not being able to cut expenses for a significant period of time paired with the suspension of sports, mandated by the government is not a great combination.


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